Travel Bloggers Unite ’11

Every year thousands of travel blogs are neglected, abused, and die.

With your help, Travel Bloggers Unite ’11 can change this.

With my help, you can save £10 — more on that later.

Over the weekend of March 26-27th 2011, you can be at thestudio in Manchester, doing something positive for our travel blog community.

At Travel Bloggers Unite ’11, you can make a commitment to saving your blog from content starvation; discover new ways of thinking creatively; and learn sustainable methods of blogging.

Throughout the entire event, you will have access to free WiFi, tea and coffee some of the smartest brains in blogging.

For as little as £39*, you will educate yourself on the real issues facing every day travel bloggers like you and me. You will be given unbridled access to empowering panel discussions, at one of central Manchester’s hottest new venues.

How to Stop Your Blog Rotting

The venue for Travel Bloggers Unite '11

The venue for Travel Bloggers Unite '11.

The annual Travel Bloggers Unite conference presents some of the industry’s most-respected authorities; covering a wide variety of relevant topics, which will help you to focus on achieving your goals.

Topics which you’ve indubitably heard about, but perhaps you need some guidance to help you get to grips with:

  • The Power of Podcasting.
  • Money Making Methods.
  • In the Know: SEO.
  • Video Blogging: The Director’s Cut.
  • Plus tips and advice, on “Me PLC”, and on helping your blog get noticed.

Expect to curl a conversation with the voice of the Internet Marketing Podcast Premium, Kelvin Newman; leading travel video producer, Kelley Ferro of; plus some of the European travel niche’s most-popular social networkers will be under the spotlight, and revealing their secrets to success.

Exclusive Promotional Code

I’ve spoken personally with Oliver Gradwell, the director of the Travel Bloggers Unite ’11 event, and I put it to him straight: “Most travel bloggers can’t afford £49, Oliver”.

And do you know what he gave me?

*Enter this TBU11 Promotional Code to SAVE £10 TODAY.

That’s a 20% saving! For just £39, you could be sat next to me at Travel Bloggers Unite ’11, in Manchester, as we build a future for our travel blogs and the community they serve, with guidance from some of the top names in travel blogging.

Your blog will thank you for it.

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Please note, you have to enter the code TWA10 to receive the discount. In the interests of fairness, you should know that by saving £10, you are also lining my pockets with gold; well, silver; well, more like tin actually, but still — it’s a win-win situation, right?