Internet Marketing Podcast Premium

Internet Marketing Podcast Premium is a mouthful, right? So is building a successful travel blog. It takes a lot of skill (and caffeine), and I’m proud of the fact that runs with the main pack.

Right now, I’m not aiming to be number one. Or even number two.

The most difficult position to hold, in any marketplace, is usually number one. Competitors will literally tear at your derrière to uncover your secrets, before leveraging themselves up and over the top of you. Then sinking back down again (such is the nature of the web).

Solid Blogging Techniques

My “happy-place” is currently among the main crowd, while I learn the right techniques and strategies to enable me to take confident, and sustainable strides forward.

I’ve been a listener of the UK’s most popular internet marketing podcast — the appropriately titled Internet Marketing Podcast — since their early days, and when they recently launched their premium service, I discovered it fit perfectly with my aspirations as a blogger, and as a web content producer.

Every working day, I receive a training video from the expert team at Internet Marketing Podcast Premium (IMPC), which heightens my skills in targeted areas of internet marketing, and shows me exactly how to apply these strategies here on, and beyond.

Here’s an Example

On top of the daily screencasts, I’m also given unbridled access to a community forum, plus a library of quality eBooks, training materials and best practise documents, and recently I discovered the IMPC crew are opening up direct video calls, for live discussions about the internet marketing topics which matter the most to me.

I’m passionate about bloggers receiving a fair deal, and not being duped by unfair services or second-rate products. There is a strong undercurrent of ‘Get Rich Quick’ presumptions running throughout the blogging platform, especially in the travel genre, and I’m learning which techniques to steer wide of and which to embrace, to help me to build a sustainable future for

IMPC Premium is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme. It promotes fair, ethical and intelligent internet marketing techniques, at very good value, and in a language I can understand.

Find out more, and sign up to the Internet Marketing Podcast Premium today, and you’ll be making a positive step towards the future of your web site.

If you still can’t decide, or have any questions regarding my experience with the IMPC Premium service, feel free to open up a discussion with me (on twitter or privately), and I promise to give you my unbiased opinion on whether this service is right for you.

If you decide to sign up to IMPC Premium using the links I’ve provided, I will receive a small kickback. It’s entirely possible to join the program without using my links, but the price will be the same. By using my affiliate links, you’re helping to ensure that can continue to deliver excellent, free and objective content.