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I’ve made the decision to show only my favourite ten photographs from my most recent destinations. If you’d like to see more, head over to my Flickr account.

Russia & the Trans-Mongolian Railway
Ride the rails with me from Moscow, to Mongolia aboard the Trans-Mongolian railway.
Affluent Moscow Trans-Mongolian Railway's infamous Victor (the restaurant manager) GUM, Moscow Russian Love Along the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Outside the Kremlin, Moscow Food along the Trans-Mongolian Railway Putin in Moscow? Russian dolls, Moscow Cathederal of Christ the Saviour

Gorge yourself on the might of the Mongolians, in one of the world’s most enigmatic countries.
At the Horse Racing: Naadam Festival, UB, Mongolia 2007 IMG_4795 Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar Square Naadam Festival, UB, Mongolia 2007 Mongolian National Football Stadium!

Naadam Festival, UB, Mongolia 2007 IMG_4655 Naadam Festival, UB, Mongolia 2007 At the Horse Racing: Naadam Festival, UB, Mongolia 2007 At the Horse Racing: Naadam Festival, UB, Mongolia 2007

North China
From beneath the looming smog, the ancient dynasties continue to reign supreme in Northern China.
IMG_4939 IMG_5262 IMG_5245 IMG_5156 IMG_5235
IMG_5057 IMG_4979 IMG_5150 IMG_5161 IMG_4947
South China
Explore Yunnan, and some of south China’s most iconic sites and cultures.
IMG_5569 IMG_5569 IMG_5925 IMG_5586 IMG_5872
IMG_6070 IMG_5588 IMG_5675 IMG_5860 IMG_5866
Explore some of my favourites images from my time on the ‘Rooftop of the World’.
IMG_6317 IMG_6502 IMG_6510 IMG_6663 Debating monks at Sera Monastery, Lhasa (Tibet)
IMG_6843 IMG_6906 P is for Potalla IMG_6254 IMG_6281
The Himalaya
Snake your way through the seductive Himalaya, via the world’s most famous mountain.
IMG_6968 IMG_6968 IMG_6996 IMG_7031 IMG_7082
IMG_7066 IMG_7007 IMG_7025 IMG_7058 IMG_7009
Enjoy many of my favourite images from the Kingdom of Nepal.
IMG_7224 IMG_7120 IMG_7235 IMG_7267 IMG_7284
IMG_7354 IMG_7517 IMG_7609 IMG_7616 IMG_7484
North India
Northern India is a sight to behold, enjoy a few of my best images from the raucous region.
IMG_7918 IMG_7960 IMG_7682 IMG_7736 IMG_7824
IMG_7905 IMG_7970 IMG_7986 IMG_7748 IMG_7655
Sri Lanka
The teardrop of India produced some of the highlights of The Trail, discover some of my favourite shots.
IMG_9601 IMG_9652 IMG_9676 IMG_9763 IMG_0418
IMG_8466 IMG_8828 IMG_8929 IMG_9251 IMG_9343
South India
India’s southern states were a joy to behold, and remain one of my favourite regions in the world.
IMG_8120 IMG_8270 Jolly Green Reb IMG_1301 Coconut Chilly
Victorious Sports Club? Pan's People Twenty an Hour IMG_1402 CIMG6239
Shimmy your way through the capital of paradox and take in one of the world’s most visited cities.
Wheelie Nice City Singapore is on the Rise Red Kandi City Comfort Station Prize Tack
Holy Sheet Fine Design Grey Days Fly By Night Riff-Raff at Raffles
Explore one of the most diverse countries in the world, the Indonesian archipelago never failed to amaze.
Got the Horn Stray Souls Twin Peaks Little Sisters A Blast of Nature
Island Life Squawk! The Coconut Kid IMG_3108 Kecak Attack
The first base camp on The Trail, turned out to be one of the world’s best cities, and a home away from home.
Flash of Flinders Mr Moon is a Luna-tic Grandpa Graffiti The Iron Lady I'm a Lifer
The Hole and I Blinky Bill Hosier Lane, Melbourne Sol City Bronzed
Ride shotgun around the world’s largest island, and reveal some of the world’s most alluring landscapes.
Leave only Footprints Leave only Footprints Starry Night Bullseye IMG_4165
IMG_3900 IMG_3715_2 IMG_3489 IMG_3412 IMG_8674
New Zealand
Scratch the surface of one of the planet’s most popular destinations.
Maori Fast Food Rumpled Skin Rude Dude Two Tui A Day at the Bay
I Heart Cafes Me, Myself & I Lil' Tree Hugggers Seal Rocks Shear Today. Gone Tomorrow