GUARDS! GUARDS! Seize this scoundrel for snooping in my Backpack! Bloody tourists. Oh, wait. Hang on a minute. I want you to rummage around the Backpack. GUARDS! GUARDS! Let them go. I was joking, ha! I’m such a joker. Knock, knock who’s there? You. You who? Yoo-hoo, I told you I was a joker. Get them a seat, and a coffee, and a biscuit, and a pillow.

The Backpack of Trail of Ants is designed to compress all the forgotten paraphernalia of the travelling world. Or in layman’s terms. If it isn’t a post on The Trail, it’s preserved in the Backpack.

If you’re content with the contents of the Backpack you’ll have to contend with my uncontained contentment;

The Unmissables
A round up of sublime suggestions from my nearest and dearest.

The Original Trail
A fast-paced, entertaining summary of the original direction The Trail was headed. Oh, how wrong I was.

The Real Backpack
See exactly how much one man can stuff into one bag. Complete* with* asterisks*.

The Trail Map
Map. Of. Route. A simple Google Map, though everso slightly temperamental when I try to update it.

Rough Costs
One plus two equals free. Free plus phwoar equals heaven. Heaven plus ate equals… umm… drift teen? My oh my. I am lame.

Low key advice on the potholed laneways of travel insurance, complete with a shiny World Nomads Promotional Code.

A brief synopsis of the vis-à-vis of visas along The Trail. Most are a breeze… just keep telling yourself, “It’s all part of the journey.”

A photographic journey through the worlds I’ve lived in. Similar to your aunt’s holiday slideshow.

Old Rope
An ever-growing cord of chums, a thriving thread of friends or a tight braid of mates. Whatever way I word it. These are my reasons.

Green Travel
You have a responsibility to travel green. Obviously I only wear straw sandals, hessian waistcoats and seaweed shirts. Oh, and I offset.

These questions were sent to me by travellers from all across the world made up by me, but are useful all the same.

Ladies and gentleman, thank you for reading the For your safety and convenience, please exit via one of the following gateways.