Firstly, let me define the term Unmissable.

unmissable |??n?mis?b?l|
1 so good that it should not be missed.
2 so clear or obvious that it cannot be missed.

Basically, I aimed it at travellers in my midst that had “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt“. I asked them to name places or experiences that they’d come across that they would deem unmissable. This helped to give me a broad scope of the world through their eyes, and all of their suggestions have made the grade. This is testament to my open minded attitude, but more importantly my taste in absolutely wicked friends. Thanks guys, this page is for you. There’s a free postcard if your email’s displayed below!

The question went like so;
“What I’d like to know is; where in the world you would class as unmissable? A place you’ve been that would HIGHLY recommend. And why.”

The answers went like so;

From the most under-worked, over-paid Doctor J. Cuell;
In answer to your question I have come up with the following from a variety of

1. Yosemite National Park, California; Absolutely amazing place makes Switzerland look like Gods first attempt. Loads of views, climbing, rambling and nice people.

2. Grand Canyon, Nevada? Again a must see, how the hell did it get there? Horse treks, camping and general good shit.

3. Las Vegas; Enough said gotta go at least once and hotels are cheap as f*ck if you book early.

4. Sydney, Australia. Clean, sunny, good night life, amazing beaches.

5. Ayres Rock, Australia. Monks says this is cool as f*ck, but just walk around it not up it.

6. Great Wall of China; dude this is sweet as and one of the few things you can see from space!

7. South America is a must – Argentina, Peru – Inca trail, Brazil

8. South Africa – Beautiful country

9. India – Just funny as f*ck, take some antibiotics with you tho!

10. Cuba – feels like your living in the 50’s and that you have a government agent watching you a lot

Hope that helps

Jamo x x x


From the Captain of the Funbus, Mr Jaaaaason Statham;
Well young Anthony, not sure if I’ve told you this before but one day i’m planning to pack up my bags and move to San Francisco, at least for a few years anyway. Fooking love the place mate. Went on my hols there last year and I’ve had a full bar for it ever since. The atmosphere, the city, the people, the views, the weather, the nightlife and the millions of touristy stuff, the gays… hold it what am i on about. I know its not gonna be the most original recommendation but the place is buzzing mate, book it as a stop into your world tour if i was you laddo jim


From the increasingly elusive, Miss Tash Mottram;
Yo Thailand!!!! And I bet loads of people say this too you!! It is sooooo good!! You will never forget your time there!! From bugs to good food and death trips on sinking boats!! But you will be there for some of the best parties you will ever have, on nice beaches, with or without drugs (depends on personal preference)! Hot people walking around in very little! People who have been through and seen alot in terms of natural disasters and they are so happy, and chilled out, and ready to give even though they have very little themselves, or to give!! And the best thing is…. you can get 20 fags for about 54p!! That is just a touch my friend!! Oh and another thing!! Buckets of alcohol, f*ck shots!! Not for the light weights out there though!! half a bottle of vodka and a can of coke in a bucket, I kid you not!! And all that for about £1.20!

I wana go again, you gona take me as payment for my story? What you up to with this anyway? Might have some other places in mind if you are thinking of going off for a travel?!

Anyway bud…. still think bout my little oracle!! Take care babe!

Tash x x


From my favorite big sister, Mrs Rachael Ryan;
I would recommend Nepal. Friendly people, trekking, jungle experience and good prices.

I have heard some great things about Cambodia and Vietnam too – and would recommend visiting them in the next couple of years before they get too touristy.

Of course, would recommend lots of other places too!!! New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Vancouver….

Thanks for the great text too – Rebekah will be giving you a call this week when the timezones work out.



From the smoothest Gooner in town, Mr Adam Davey
For me heaven was Lakai Peak in west Sumbawa (nr Huu), deepest darkest Indonesia – the first place I caught a tube, a surfers dream with about 6 world class waves all within walking distance, pure tropical beauty surrounded by rainforest and amazing seafood – hard to beat!



Without her, I’d of talked myself out of it, Miss Hollllyyy West;
Email #3.
Oh and if you’re going to the Caribbean it would be rude not to visit Jamaica – apart from being where my granddaddy is from it also has a unique culture (like on the Malibu adverts) and some awesome beaches, mountains (exp Blue Mountains where the coffee is from – which is also excellent), plantations, waterfalls (Dunns River Falls) and of course weed. And Rum.

Email #2.
Oh and how could I forget – you MUST go to Glastonbury! [Ant- I’m going!!]

Email #1.
From my limited travel experience I would say you must visit:

Visit the cigar factory
Visit La Habana Vieja (Old Havana)
Smoke a cigar (I recommend a Cohiba – Castro smokes these I think)
Drink a mojito in Hotel Inglaterra
Get caught by the waves on the Malecón (Seafront)

I have attached some of my photos to give you inspiration.

Be warned, the food is shite. But well worth going. Where else in the world can you spend two weeks and not see a single McDonalds? Communism is weird.

Other than that I think you’ve been everywhere I’ve been… oh but if you go to Oz go to Magnetic Island (off Townsville) and stay in Coconuts Hostel.

Over and out. Sorry my travel experience is lame. Will call Sarah and ask her about going to see her and ask her her favourite places too.



From my favorite Indian-Wannabe, budbud dingding, it’s Miss Becki Lancaster;
Email #1.
Sunrise over Everest in Nepal/Darjeeling area (either trek up to Sandakphu or just wake up early in Darjeeling – I did the trek. Almost killed me.)
Eating street food in Calcutta (Don’t do this till you’ve been in India long enough to build up a tolerance to bugs!).
Lying on a beach in Thailand (joint optional).
Overnight train journey in India (keep an eye on your bag!)
Taj Mahal (obviously)
Travelling up to the hills in Sri Lanka by train and sitting in the doorway with your legs dangling over the edge and looking out at the women picking tea (just amazing).
Hanging out with monks in their monastery, dancing to the Spice Girls, drinking butter tea and waking up the next morning to play volleyball in the courtyard of the monastery, with the Himalayas in the background. (My favourite memory!)

I’m sure more will come to me!

What’s everyone else’s suggestions – I need inspiration!

Email #2.
Its not ideal! I was there at that time and Sri Lanka was absolutely perfect,
but India will be in full on Monsoon mode! It doesn’t rain all the time, but when it does, it pours! I kind of like it at that time though – everything seems more alive! I’ve got a great memory of sheltering from the rain in Calcutta and watching this tiny little naked street boy, sliding through the puddles in the middle of the road as the cars whizzed past – he looked so completely happy!

So it depends how much you want to avoid the rain! Rajasthan will be ok – hot, but not much rain, and the South east (amazing temples, beautiful Dravidian architecture and great coconuts!) won’t get their monsoon till October. So there’s always places you can head to to avoid the rains. Or you can just sit in a chai stall and chat to the owner till the downpour stops!

I’m so jealous! I want to go on a massive trip of a lifetime! S’not fair!

Are you out for Thompson’s birthday? I’m going to try and come back for it if I’m not too hungover already! Are lots of people going out?



Everyone’s favorite person, Miss Hannah Branch come on dowwwwn (gently);
Well, I can’t possibly narrow it down to one place – can I give a few??

Cuba:- the complete energy of the people, fascinating political history and breathtaking weather and beaches.

New Zealand:- all the mad extreme sports you can do – sky diving over views of lakes, bunji jumps with views of mountains, hiking up glaciers, snowboarding… all with crazy natives.

Mexico & Costa Rica:- amazing food full of flavours and colour, down to earth people and gorgeous scenery.

Peterborough:- Ha. Just joking.

Are you planning a world trip?? [yes Hannah, i am!]

H x


The funkiest munkee I know, the muchos fantistico Helen;

glad you jacked in the rat race – best thing I ever did – see new email – add Borneo to yer list of MUST SEE!!

big smooch curly bonce x xx


So there you have it, these are the responses to that email. I have a mountain of other emails that people send from their travels around that I could most probably extract stuff from, but then I’ll be bordering on organised and that doesn’t appeal to me. If you want to contribute to this page of unmissables just drop me an email and I’ll post it asap.