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Welcome to the T-Bag — unfortunately you’re bazzilion years too late, and it’s closed for submissions. If you’re wondering, “What the hell is, T-Bag?” well, it’s really rather simple. T is for travel. Bags are our business. Therefore, T-Bag is a vessel for travellers. Namely, travel blogs*.

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If you’re the proud author, editor or gonzo-scribe of your own travel blog, whether it’s an around the world (RTW) genre, destination specific, or simply de la región then (you could have) chucked it in the T-Bag. You’ll soon (would have) started to hear from my audience. (Hang on there buddy, if you’re a business we’re going to need a chat first).

However, young troglodyte — this is cyberspace. In return for this holy spot, you must tattoo your first born child’s forehead with my travel blog’s URL. [Awkward silence.] Alright alright, I compromise. You can just paste a link to on your own travel blog, and we’ll call it quits.

The T-Bag: Travel Blog Directory

Travel in Africa

List of Websites for Vacation Ideas2Summers {Twitter}
Africa Travel Information Blog {Twitter}
Away She Goes {Twitter | Facebook}
The Bohemian Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
The Boozy Prune
Dutch in Madagascar
Travels with my Shirt {Twitter}
Wandering the World

Travel Around the World

48 Hour Adventure {Twitter | Facebook}
The Absolute Travel Addict {Twitter | Facebook}
Adrian Yekkes
Adventures with Cloud People {Facebook}
Around the World in 80 Jobs {Twitter | Facebook}
Aussie Flyer
The Aussie Nomad {Twitter | Facebook}
Aussie on the Road {Twitter | Facebook}
Aviators and a Camera {Twitter | Facebook}
Backpacker Banter {Twitter}
Backpacking Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
Backpacking Worldwide {Twitter | Facebook}
Backpacks and Bunkbeds {Twitter}
BarePockets-Traveling reports {Facebook}
Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures {Twitter}
Blog the Globe
Blondie at Worldz End
Brooke vs. the World {Twitter}
Camels & Chocolate {Twitter}
Chartered Libertine
Chasing the Trade Winds
Chill Out Spots {Twitter | Facebook}
Ciao, Urte! {Twitter}
Chris Gone Global
Colin’s Travel Guides {Twitter}
Culture Cats {Facebook}
Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site {Twitter | Facebook}
Dave’s Photo & Travelblogue {Twitter | Facebook}
Destination Growth {Twitter | Facebook}
Diana Ellefson {Twitter} {Twitter}
Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel Bucket List
Escape from Cube Land {Twitter | Facebook}
Everything Everywhere {Twitter | Facebook}
First-time Travels {Twitter | Facebook}
Flavio Longato’s Travel Blog {Twitter}
Footprints of a Backpacker {Twitter}
Globetrottergirls {Twitter | Facebook}
GloboTreks {Twitter | Facebook}
Grantourismo! {Twitter | Facebook}
hikebiketravel {Twitter}
Hot Toddies Unlimited Backpacking {Facebook}
I never meant to go so far {Twitter | Facebook}
Into A Far Country
Itinerant Blog
Jetset Farryn {Twitter}
Take a Dunk!The Jewrican Traveler {Twitter}
Jro’s World travel blog {Twitter}
Kaypachatravels {Twitter}
Kin’s Ant Farm {Twitter | Facebook}
L’appel Du Vide {Twitter}
Laura The Explorer
Le Monde {Twitter | Facebook}
Leah Travels {Twitter | Facebook}
A Little Adrift {Twitter}
Living IF {Twitter | Facebook}
Living In Transit {Twitter}
LL World Tour {Twitter | Facebook} {Twitter | Facebook}
Matt’s Respite {Twitter}
Me-go: Around the World {Twitter}
The Mellyboo Project {Facebook}
Migrationology {Twitter | Facebook}
Mondo Memento
My Beautiful Adventures {Twitter | Facebook}
My Travel Affairs {Twitter | Facebook}
No Place To Be {Twitter | Facebook}
Nomadic Notes Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
Nomadic Samuel {Twitter | Facebook}
On The Road
A Pair of Panties & Boxers {Twitter | Facebook}
Pau Travels Blog {Twitter}
Pause The Moment {Twitter | Facebook}
the people square {Twitter | Facebook}
Plus Ultra
Positive World Travel {Twitter | Facebook}
The Road Forks {Twitter | Facebook}
RogueScope {Twitter | Facebook}
Round The World Forever & Ever After
Runaway Jane {Twitter | Facebook}
The Runaway Guide {Twitter | Facebook}
Sam’s Playground {Twitter | Facebook}
Savoir Faire Abroad {Twitter | Facebook}
Seat of Our Pants {Twitter | Facebook}
Sketchy Impressions
Sophie’s World {Twitter | Facebook}
Spendthrift Shoestring {Twitter}
Staying Native {Twitter | Facebook}
Technosyncratic Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
That Great Little Spot
The 9 to 5 Alternative {Twitter | Facebook}
That Great Little Spot
Todd’s Wanderings {Twitter | Facebook}
Top Backpacking Destinations {Twitter | Facebook} {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel Addicts {Twitter | Facebook}
A Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker {Twitter}
Travel Blogger at Large {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel for Love {Twitter}
Travel Media Ninja {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel Notes
Travel Shop Girl {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel Wonders of the World {Twitter}
Traveler’s Life {Twitter}
Traveling Canucks {Twitter | Facebook}
Travelistic Travel Blog {Twitter}
Traveling 9 to 5 {Twitter | Facebook}
TraveloCafe {Twitter | Facebook}
The Traveller
Travel Without Borders {Twitter | Facebook}
Two Backpackers {Twitter | Facebook}
Two Thirsty Travellers | Facebook}
The Urge To Wander {Twitter | Facebook}
Uncornered Market {Twitter | Facebook}
Unstoppable Family {Twitter | Facebook}
The Unwitting Traveller
Vacationality {Twitter | Facebook}
Vagabond Quest {Twitter | Facebook}
Vagabond Roots {Twitter | Facebook}
vegan miam {Twitter | Facebook}
Wandering Albatross {Twitter}
What an Amazing World! {Facebook}
Where is Jenny {Twitter}
Where Now? Round The World Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
Where’s Whitlow {Twitter | Facebook}
Where the Hell is Rory?
World On My Doorstep {Twitter | Facebook}
World Walk About {Twitter | Facebook}
Worldly Nomads {Twitter | Facebook}
Viva la Dream Travel {Twitter | Facebook}
y Travel blog {Twitter | Facebook}
You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel in Asia

Dunk yourself onto the Blog DirectoryAdventure Bimbling {Twitter | Facebook}
The Amazing Indonesia {Twitter | Facebook}
Anjville’s Travel Blogs and More {Twitter | Facebook}
Asia Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
The Asian Persuasion {Facebook}
B&W’s Adventures {Twitter | Facebook}
Bali Backpacking {Twitter}
Bamboo Butterfly {Twitter | Facebook}
Be on the Road {Twitter | Facebook}
BeforeYOUBackpack {Twitter | Facebook}
China Adventurer {Twitter | Facebook}
Chris in South Korea {Twitter | Facebook}
Dingle Speaks
Eat Your Kimchi {Twitter | Facebook}
Epic Asia Travel {Twitter | Facebook}
Frameless World {Twitter | Facebook}
From Korea with Love
Julien, A French Man in Asia {Twitter}
KanCanDo – A Blog Dedicated to Sri Lanka {Twitter | Facebook}
Girl And The World {Twitter | Facebook}
The India Tube {Twitter}
Jamie’s Phuket {Twitter | Facebook}
Japan travel guide in English
Jared’s Cambodia {Twitter}
Just Wandering {Twitter | Facebook}
Miss Turista {Twitter}
My Several Worlds {Twitter | Facebook}
My Travel Journal {Twitter | Facebook}
Nateniale’s Travel
Nikka’s Notes {Twitter | Facebook}
So Not Lost! {Twitter | Facebook}
Tales From the Beautiful Isle
To China… and Beyond! {Twitter}
Travel and Food! {Twitter | Facebook}
The Wanderer {Twitter}

Travel in Australasia

Backpackingmatt {Twitter}
Entirely World Famous New Zealand Tour
Journey Jottings {Twitter | Facebook}
Kiwi Blog Bus {Twitter | Facebook}
Places And Foods {Twitter | Facebook}
When in Wellington {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel in Europe

Active Backpacker {Twitter | Facebook}
Alexis in Sverige {Twitter}
America to Ireland {Twitter | Facebook}
Aussie Traveller
Bex Trex {Twitter | Facebook}
Europe a la Carte Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
Eurotrip Tips {Twitter | Facebook}
Guten Tag, Y’all {Twitter | Facebook}
Life on 4 wheels {Twitter | Facebook}
Maggie’s Gap year {Twitter}
NederFun {Twitter}
Possum’s Log
Real Moscow {Facebook}
A Student Abroad
A Threesome ‘Round Europe {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel This {Twitter}
Travel To Ukraine {Twitter | Facebook}
Turkey With Stuff In
Wayward Traveller {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel in North America

Candice Does the World {Twitter | Facebook} {Twitter | Facebook}
Go Mexico Guide {Facebook}
A Life Made Simple {Facebook}
Midwestern Adventures
No Onions Extra Pickles {Twitter}
Tina’s Traveling Trials {Twitter}
Wayne On The Road {Twitter | Facebook}
Where’s Pablo? {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel in South America

Submit your Travel Blog to the DirectoryBogota Brilliance
The Brink of Something Else {Twitter}
Colombia Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
Consulting Rehab {Twitter | Facebook}
Ecuador Unplugged {Twitter | Facebook}
Little Colombia Observationist
South American Postcard {Twitter | Facebook}

Travelling Trans-America

Trans-Americas Journey {Twitter | Facebook}

Couple’s Travel

1000 Places To Fight Before You Die
AdyEm Travels {Twitter}
The Big Travel Theory {Twitter | Facebook}
Jack and Jill Travel The World {Twitter | Facebook}
Roets Uprooted
Vagabond3 {Twitter | Facebook}

Expat Travel

The 100 Miles Highway
Carla -not Bruni- a Marseille
CheeseWeb {Twitter | Facebook}
christine|in|spain {Twitter | Facebook}
Dear England, Love Canada {Twitter}
Expat Edna {Twitter | Facebook}
Farsickness {Twitter | Facebook}
Generic Blog #909
A Lot Of Wind… {Twitter | Facebook}
On UR Way Travel {Twitter | Facebook}
A Pinch of This a Dash of That {Twitter}
Roots, transplanted. {Twitter}
Seen the Elephant {Twitter}
Sonia’s Wonder World {Facebook}
Tales of a Wannabe Vagabond {Facebook}
Talking Turkey: Adventures of an American in Antalya {Twitter | Facebook}
A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai {Twitter}
überlin {Twitter | Facebook}

Group Travel

Globetrooper {Twitter | Facebook}

Independent Travel

Adventurous Kate {Twitter | Facebook}
As We Travel – Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
Bethany G Rogers {Twitter}
Bitten by the Travel Bug {Twitter | Facebook}
Booze, Food, Travel {Twitter | Facebook}
Caroline in the City {Twitter | Facebook}
D Travels ‘Round {Twitter | Facebook}
Faraway Pillow
Finding the Universe {Twitter | Facebook}
Gap Year Escape {Twitter}
Girl, Unstoppable {Twitter}
Globe Drifters
Gourmantic {Twitter | Facebook}
GRRRL Traveler {Twitter | Facebook}
The Humble Tourist {Twitter | Facebook}
Just a Julie {Twitter}
Justin Was Here {Twitter | Facebook}
Lauren’s Road Less Traveled {Twitter}
I’m Living the Dream {Twitter | Facebook}
J The Travel Authority {Twitter}
Legal Nomads {Twitter | Facebook}
Life in a Sack {Twitter}
Living With the Travel Bug {Twitter}
LuxuryBackpacking {Twitter | Facebook}
Dunks Down HereThe Mad Traveler {Twitter | Facebook}
Man on the Lam {Twitter}
Musings of a Globe Jaunt {Facebook}
My Wanderlusting {Twitter}
Nancy Under the Stars {Twitter}
Nomadic Chick {Twitter | Facebook}
The Orange Backpack {Twitter | Facebook}
Pommie Travels {Twitter | Facebook}
Runaway Juno {Twitter | Facebook}
She’s in Love with the World {Twitter | Facebook}
That Backpacker {Twitter | Facebook}
Thrilling Heroics {Twitter | Facebook}
A Time To See The World {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel Junkette {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel Rinse Repeat {Twitter}
The Travelling Editor {Twitter | Facebook}
Tripologist {Twitter | Facebook}
Twenty-Something Travel {Twitter | Facebook}
Two Go Round-The-World {Twitter | Facebook}
Wanderloz {Twitter | Facebook}
with sparkles {Twitter}
Voyagner {Twitter}

Study Abroad {Facebook}

Teaching Overseas

Bethany’s Blog {Facebook}
Dani’s not in Oregon anymore {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel Advice

101 Holidays {Twitter}
Aussie Travel Advice {Twitter | Facebook}
Be A Travel Bee {Twitter}
The Bucket List
Career Break Secrets {Twitter | Facebook}
Covering The Globe {Twitter | Facebook}
Cult of Travel {Twitter}
A Dangerous Business {Twitter}
Dave’s Travel Corner
Europe Traveler {Facebook}
foXnoMad {Twitter | Facebook}
J The Travel Authority {Twitter | Facebook}
Kaleidoscopic Wandering {Twitter | Facebook}
Chunky DunkyLandLopers {Twitter | Facebook}
My Travel Secrets {Facebook}
The Recovering Vagabond {Twitter}
Scene by Laurie
Sleeping on Buses {Twitter}
Solo Traveler {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel To Sun {Twitter | Facebook}
TheTraveller {Twitter | Facebook}
Travels of Adam {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel Tips {Twitter}
TravelHolicA {Twitter | Facebook}
Travelogged {Twitter | Facebook}
A View To A Thrill {Twitter | Facebook}
Wandering Educators {Twitter | Facebook}
Wanderings of a Travelbug {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel Blog Advice

Travel Blog Advice {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel with Children

Around the World with Kid {Twitter | Facebook}
Do It All Disney
Family Travel Story {Twitter}
Flashpacker Family {Twitter | Facebook}
Got Passport {Twitter | Facebook}
Our Travel Lifestyle {Twitter | Facebook}
Soul Travelers 3 {Twitter | Facebook}
Vagabond Kids {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel & Lifestyle Design

TheCyberGypsy {Twitter}
Freelance Backpacker {Twitter | Facebook}
Magic Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
Natalie Travels | Facebook}
One Step 4 Ward {Twitter | Facebook}
Road to Wanderlust {Facebook}

Travel by Motorcycle {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel with Pets

Funky DunkyHow To Travel With Pets {Twitter}
RV Adventure with Pets

Travel Photography

Beers and Beans {Twitter | Facebook}
Călătorii Imaginare {Facebook}
Cam Cope Photography Blog {Facebook}
Canvas of Light Travel Photography {Twitter | Facebook}
The Citrus Lens {Twitter | Facebook}
JC’s Australian Daydream {Twitter}
Lifecruiser Travel Blog {Twitter | Facebook}
The Longest Way Home {Twitter | Facebook}
Nomad Courier {Twitter}
Self Indulged {Twitter | Facebook}
Smiling Faces Travel Photos {Twitter | Facebook}
Traveling In Focus {Twitter | Facebook}
Wanderlass Travels {Twitter | Facebook}
weird & cool stuff seen while out & about
With a Hope {Twitter | Facebook}

Cruise Travel

Cruise Legs
Cruisin’ Susan {Twitter | Facebook}

Gay Travel

Gay Travel Guide {Twitter | Facebook}

Travelling Objects

Monkey Travel {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel Podcasts

Indie Travel Podcast {Twitter | Facebook}
Raising Miro on the Road of Life Travel Blog & Podcast {Twitter | Facebook}
Travel in 10 {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel Tech

Tech Guide For Travel {Twitter | Facebook}

Design-Based Travel

Passport To Design {Twitter | Facebook}

Women’s Travel Blog

Lost Girls World – The Lost Girls {Twitter | Facebook}
Smart Girl’s Budget Travel Guide {Twitter}
The Travel Belles {Twitter | Facebook}

Travel by Train

He Thought of Trains {Twitter}

*OK, forget all the wank — it’s just a bloody great big list of incredibly useful travel blogs!

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