How Much Does a Bungy Jump Cost?

May 25, 2010

Bungy jumping is a rite of passage for today’s travellers. The height of the bungy jump, is effectively your travel penis: Mine’s bigger than yours. Mine was more beautiful. Mine went wrong. Mine splashed me. However, such mighty adventure sports can come at extremely high prices, and bruise even the tightest budget. Take your phallus […]

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The Kites of Kathmandu (Audio Podcast)

October 27, 2009

[audio:] This week’s LISTENup travelcast revisits the Nepali capital of Kathmandu. A city I visited two years ago, and where I penned the original entry of The Kites of Kathmandu.

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Trails of the Unexpected

September 4, 2009

I stare at the newspaper. It wasn’t me. I gawp at the television. It wasn’t me. I trawl through the internet. It wasn’t me! I listen to the radio, podcasts, and conversations on the bus. It WASN’T me! At least — I hope it wasn’t me?

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The Reprint: ‘The Daily Commute’

April 9, 2009

Kathmandu is not the dirtiest city I’ve ever been too. That award is divided between Naples, Marseille and pretty much every north Indian megalopolis. Marseille has some room for appeal, the binmen were on strike (it’s France, go figure). Naples suffered the same affliction, but for some reason I’m throwing their right to appeal out […]

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The Reprint: ‘Friends’

February 19, 2009

If it’s true that you can judge a man by the company he keeps then I reckon I’m up for some sort of global award. Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by insanely loyal friends, and even for the enemies I hurl mental rocks at I hold some deep-rooted passion. This weeks Reprint is a demonstration […]

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Bl**d, Swe*t and B*rders!

November 28, 2007

I lied. Forgive me. I told you I was going to hire a motorbike. I did not. I told you I was heading through Nepal’s eastern Terai. I did not. I told you I would now be in Darjeeling. I am not. I don’t know what came over me, it wasn’t intentional but I feel […]

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A Spring of Surprise

November 19, 2007

A lingering cold. Perceptions. An Irish pair. Gore-tex. An English doublet. Love. Salmon Rushdie. An endless line. One Australian. Two Australians. A city in protest. A solo Swede. The Himalaya. The afterlife. A pondering sadhu. Shooting stars. A rickshaw ride. Vegetable moussaka. Expectations. An averted disaster. Central Asia. Spirited Away. Nepali Sherpas. A blazing sun. […]

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