What’s Flattr?


Around TrailofAnts.com you’ll see a small icon that looks like this: (this one isn’t live, you can go ahead and stroke it).

Flattr is a way for me to recoup some of the costs for running the site, and it’s super simple to use, and it’s also a great way for you to acknowledge great content.

I liken it to busking, but the flip side is that for me to be a part of this scheme, I have to actively Flattr other people’s content (so, if you’re a Flattr user, be sure to let me know).

Flattr’s Much Groovier Explanation.

So there you have it, I think nicely summed up by the Svensk boys’ with: “Many small streams, will form a large river.”

Of course, there is another reason I’m using Flattr, and it’s the same reason I use Flickr and IMPC and openly support the Globetrooper.com project. I really like smart ideas, that tighten and improve communities.

And then there’s another reason: it was Flattr, or patches of Google AdSense. Which do you prefer?

If you’re struggling with any aspect of why I’ve chosen to implement Flattr here on TrailofAnts.com, fire me an email, or for more information, take a look around the Flattr website, and consider whether it suits your model.