007 LISTENup: Bee is for Banna

May 13, 2010

[audio:https://www.trailofants.com/audio/007LISTENup_BeeforBanna.mp3] The LISTENup Podcast series is back for a limited time only (that’s my way of saying I’ll produce one when I can!) Strap on your walking boots, and come explore the Xishuangbanna region of China’s, Yunnan Province. One of the most incredible regions in the world, for myriad reasons.

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“So Profound!”

January 24, 2010

When is a traveller, not a traveller? I’m an Englishman working in New Zealand. I hollowly joke “I’m travelling on the spot!” My colleagues are all Kiwi. Some have never been overseas, some never will. Some sit and stare at the bright lights of Australia on the horizon, while some are proudly chained to the […]

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005 LISTENup: Heartbreak Hotel

December 7, 2009

[audio:https://www.trailofants.com/audio/005_LISTENup_Heartbreak_Hotel.mp3] This week’s LISTENup travelcast takes you into the A&E department of a south Indian hospital. I’m induced with a cocktail of drugs, and set free upon an unforgettable journey through the Keralan backwaters, and through the water parks of the Western Ghats.

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All Rights Reserved. As of Now.

August 14, 2009

The following has nothing to do with moody monks. Nor anything to do with cuddly bedbugs. Indeed, the following has zilch to do with travelling around South India, nor does it have a jot to do with the probably illegal, perhaps slightly mythical sport of gecko cage-fighting that possibly takes place in the Birmingham underworld. […]

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Look into my eyes…

June 15, 2007

Ok. Right. I’m making a new rule for TrailofAnts.com; for every person who asks me “how can you afford to take such a trip?” or any deviation on this question, they have to flick a quid into my rusty can, which as yet is a mirage upon the horizon. I’m going to take you back […]

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Such grand designs?

June 13, 2007

Earlier today I threw a pen between my hands, trying in vain to break the curse of writers block. It was as I recovered the pen from the dreary carpet for the umpteenth time, that I was struck with the idea of the new Post-It note designs that now proudly adorn the header of my […]

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The Battle of MySQL

May 23, 2007

Regular eagle-eyed viewers of The Trail will notice strange things-a-happening along it’s misty path recently. A few posts and edits have gone astray, so to avoid technophobes chewing the mouse mat I’ll summarise what happened, in fairytale speak; “I was sitting here blissfully daydreaming out of the window, when I observed a handsome young man […]

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