Sri Lanka

Beyond the Beach

February 22, 2008

Peace and quiet. Mr Peace and Mrs Quiet. Shhhh. Mmmmm. Shhhh-ri Lank-arrrr, their natural home. You’ll find them almost everywhere. On the beaches of Hikkaduwa their whispers sound like gently crashing waves resting on the twinkling beach. I looked for them on the bus as I wrestled my backpack into hidden space, I clasped my […]

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Coconut Kin

February 7, 2008

Driving down the road on your Scooty Pep (scooter), a guy flags you down and declares ‘coconut‘. Who are you to argue. Ten minutes later you’re surrounded by his kith and kin; his wife and seven month old son, his twin brothers, twin nieces, two young nephews, a neighbour or two and his spritely, toothless […]

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Wake with a Start

January 21, 2008

Imagine returning home from work in the city to discover your world had been wiped out. Your mother, the woman who tightened your school tie and licked her hand to clean your cheek. Gone. Two sisters, who you’d grown up alongside squabbling while silently admiring. Gone. Their three small children, your nephews and niece who’s […]

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I Spy With My Little Eye

January 13, 2008

For some, there’re far things better. For others, there’re far things worse. An opportunity to devour endless possibilities dressed in no-limits attraction and capped, by an infinite defining line. Characters within it’s grasp perform ignorant of each others acts, yet well aware of their own golden stage. They’re drawn in, rising effortlessly, as if the […]

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