A Thousand Glorious Times

July 4, 2008

I’d seen him from a short distance, twelve months previously, he travelled alone aboard a plane to Moscow. He wore a dark tracksuit top zipped over a light t-shirt, and loose pale green shorts covered the knees he cradled by his chest. His hair sprayed out in loose brown curls beneath a khaki cap, highlighted […]

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My Muse

April 30, 2008

As I sit and write, I am alone. Reb, the girl I’ve coined ‘my muse‘, my ‘garrulous pillion‘, my ‘ubiquitous sidekick‘, but never the truth – for literary mystery – my girlfriend, is gone. She sits in Singapore. I sit in India. Eight months prior, in China, we exchanged our preconceived views on those who […]

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Blue Jumper Story

April 27, 2008

One minute I turned the Enfield’s engine off to add to the silence of the moment an elephant and it’s baby heaved their shadows across the road, less than an hour later I was surrounded by a bus load of gibbering Indians, while to my side Reb lay on the dusty outer edge of a […]

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Heartbreak Hotel

April 23, 2008

After a quick blood pressure test the gang of nurses rushed me to the surgery operating room. Pain was brandishing my neck and shoulder, a sickening sensation ten times greater than the height of ‘pins and needles’, when it really feels like your stricken limb might just implode. And you might just want it to.

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My Indian Truth

April 17, 2008

As we spluttered to a stop, I never imagined that fifteen frustrating minutes later we’d be buying a bottle of petrol from a man who at first glance, only peddled tyres. As we pulled the bike over to inhale a glorious vista, I never imagined two seconds later the Enfield would forcibly lay down, casting […]

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A Royal Return

April 1, 2008

As she slips her sleek leg out and plants her silver heel into the ground, I step back and roll her around in my mind. She’s young, yet something tells me she’s over innocence. She’s naughty, but nice and full of splendid, sexy spice. She could satisfy my every need. I can tell she’s from […]

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Last Word, Slurp?

January 4, 2008

Three words. A book. No a movie. A saying! First word. Two syllables. First syllable. Laughing, laugh, pain, illness, funny, clown. Second syllable. Wee, toilet, peeing. Pee, pee? Second word. One syllable. Sounds like. Me, Mum, you. You? You, sounds like you? Third word. Sounds like. Sounds like? Sounds like? Sounds like ear! Ear? Sounds […]

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