Site Credits

Running a travel blog is bloody hard work sometimes, there’s always something to do that promises to take a minute, but takes a day.

I believe the following group of companies and services have gone the extra mile to make my life just a little bit easier. [Nipple gripple!] OK, OK, a lot easier. In no particular order (unless you follow the English alphabet).


I have a deep-rooted respect for the portfolio of webmaster tools on offer by the Big G. They have me covered from every feasible angle, and without them I wouldn’t know half of what I know. (Which is not a lot.)

Internet Marketing Podcast

The IMPC is one of the major sources of inspiration for some of the content of Trail of Ants, as well as the marketing strategy. I’m a fully paid up member of their Premium offshoot and it’s served me well.

Thesis Theme

Where WordPress provide the platform for Trail of Ants, Thesis provide the attitude. While I did pay for Thesis, the major thanks go to the community based support which continues to bail me out, not least Godhammer.

The Travel Community

While I haul myself across the world in search of solitude and inspiration, I’m always blown away by the work and commitment of many travel bloggers and writers who work tirelessly to portray the world for others.

W3 Schools

Everything you see here on is created by code. While I haven’t coded everything, I have coded a lot. For this, my thanks go to the clear and concise catalogue of free XHTML and CSS tutorials provided by W3.

Famous between the four corners of millions of monitors, WordPress’s army of developers continue to improve the world’s best CMS (content management system) for web users. Without their commitment, I would be lost.

Then there’s a whole smorgasbord of online networks and applications which are largely free, but whom make my life so much easier than it could be. I seriously appreciate every keystroke it took to bring the following sites to me:

eConsultancy, Facebook, Flickr, Freshbooks, Gmail, LinkedIn, Lonely Planet, Mashable, PayPal, ProBlogger, Seth Godin, StumbleUpon, Twitter and World Nomads.

Thank You