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by Ant Stone on August 27, 2010

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“Ant, can you promote this competition?” No. Piss off, and leave me alone. “Ant, can you tweet about this new product?” Shut it, you slag. “Ant, can you tell your readers about our new website?” What am I, your lackey? “Ant, can you write a 2,000 word article for me, for free?” Whatever Minger, Your Momma Works In McDonalds.

I say “no” rather too often.

If you run a web site, I’m sure you also receive these unsolicited approaches. I tend not to rise to the bait, partly due to my fairly strict blogging ethics and partly due to the fact that I’ve used email most of my adult life, and I’m pretty quick at hitting delete.

But. However. Nevertheless. Sometimes, I relent.

I'm The Winner!

Travel Competitions

What follows is a round-up of what I believe were the most honest and/or appealing approaches, for products or promotions which I absolutely believe could have a positive effect on yours and others’ daily lives.

(Please note; I have neither been paid, nor compensated in anyway to post about these, nor did I feel I should have been. So there.)

Glenfiddich approached me a while back to write a piece for their new Glenfiddich Explorers web site. I’ve written a piece (which is yet to be published). Their new website is worth a look, featuring an innovative interface and a wealth of digestible and inspiring content. They’re also open to (free) contributors. Discover More.

Your Big Year darted me a promo tweet out of the blue (NB. I usually delete and unfollow people when this happens) to let me know about their new promotion, which promises to send one lucky individual around the world for an entire year. Not only this, but they’re raising money for charity and offering what seems to be an insanely excellent schedule of events and activities. Discover More.

Land Rover emailed me to tell me about their ‘Go Beyond the Everyday’ promotion, which is offering the chance for five lucky winners to spend two weeks in Namibia working with cats such as cheetahs, leopards and caracal. Hurry, entries close September 23rd 2010. Discover More.

World Nomads didn’t email me, but I’m in constant awe of their scholarships. This time round, they’re offering a travel photography scholarship in Bhutan with a National Geographic photographer. So if you fancy feeding off the Gross National Happiness of the world’s most enigmatic countries, consider entering. Discover More.

Good Luck Entering

Good luck to all those who are entering the competitions. It seems video is becoming a popular platform for many of these promotional competitions, which is something I’ve never even tried to get my skinny little knuckles around.

Perhaps you could share some pointers about where to get started? A camcorder would be a good start, or if you want to send me a new Canon 7D (snazzy camera) I wouldn’t be adverse to giving it a test run.

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Vi @ Travel Tips September 1, 2010 at 6:38 pm

I still prefer still pictures, so will be submitting photos for Bhutan trip 🙂

Ant September 1, 2010 at 6:44 pm

@Vi: That’s a very, very positive decision Vi and I wish you luck with your entry. I know World Nomads are really keen that people fully understand the terms and conditions of their scholarships, so take full advantage and read the small print, and watch their handy videos.

Michael October 26, 2010 at 3:40 am

Hi Ant!

I recently saw the Namibia promotion, but was unsure about the results for that. I was shocked by the vastness of the Queensland promotion, “Passport to Shine”.

And, for this week only….Tourism Queensland is giving Passport to Shine entrants who live in the UK the chance to win a BONUS prize of up to £3,000 in travel vouchers to spend towards a fantastic holiday to Queensland!

Just have to visit the Tourism Queensland Facebook Page

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