Ulaanbaatar or bust

by Ant Stone on April 18, 2007

in Pre-Trip Planning

I’m slowly putting into perspective how confusing planning a trip of this magnitude is, I’m just concentrating on the first month and the rest can fall into place. I want to leave July 1st and want to be in Ulaanbaatar (UB), Mongolia from 11-13th July for the Naadam Festival to take advantage of the all the manly stuff they get up to in nappies.

“Ok. Fine” i hear you say. Fly into Tokyo, skulk around Japan for a week then fly out to Mongolia and enjoy the festivities before leaping on the Trans-Mongolian (part of the Trans-Siberian) railway and hit the heady heights of South East Asia. Just like that? Actually. You know what. As i write this, it’s all becoming clear. It isn’t actually that hard is it!


  • One way flight from London-Tokyo
  • One way flight from Tokyo-UB
  • One way train ticket from UB-Uhh, Hanoi (mental note: forward thinking from UB).
  • Visas for all the above.
  • Accommodation in advance for what-must-be a busy time in UB.

I broke my little finger last night so as i write this it’s sticking out like a true tea-sipping Englishman, but knowing that I’ve just written “Mongolia”, “Tokyo” and “Trans-Siberian” in the above cloud of words is healing. I’m fast learning the best planned trip is maybe not best planned. Sure, plan the next few days or weeks, but the long-term will look after itself. Ok, off to book some flights and stuff. If you have any advice, would love to hear it. Just say “Naadam Festival” and see if it doesn’t send a shiver down your spine. Shudder, mmmmm!

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