A Haphazard Birthday

August 4, 2009

Heart thumping. Eyes sweating. Palms clenched. Girlfriend weeping. People staring. Lady smiling. Jaw gripped. Foot shuffling. Mind racing. We were checking in one hour before our scheduled departure, and the lady at the check-in desk was telling us we weren’t getting on the flight. Lady smiling. Palms clenched.

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Flight of the Cockheads

July 21, 2009

Have you ever pre-applied for a visa while on the road? If so, you’ll know they always say “don’t make travel plans until your visa is confirmed”. As always, when I was recently applying for New Zealand’s 23-month working holiday visa, I respectably scoffed at the small print. Six weeks to secure a working holiday [...]

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It’s, Энтони Стоун to you

May 10, 2007

I woke up this morning with the scantily clad Vicky, of STA Travel fame softly reading to me from the Lonely Planet guide to Mongolia. Tales of riding horse back through the Gobi desert before walking hand in hand into a warm ger (Mongolian felt lined tent), all to ourselves. She descried how she would [...]

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Adieu, Passport. Adieu

May 1, 2007

Alas, UB Guesthouse was fully booked. Glad i checked now, one can only presume it was booked up by the aliens who would naturally be fans of the Naadam. But fear not fans of The Trail, I haven’t been forced into submission yet! I have secured a weeks accommodation at Idre’s Guesthouse and she’s kindly [...]

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Bankers. Alien to me

April 30, 2007

It’s starting to sink in now, I’m actually going travelling. Firstly, I’ve seen the credit card statement containing the £325 payment for the Trans-Siberian railway. Secondly, I’ve seen the state my current accounts overdraft is in after HSBC failed to cancel umpteen direct debits and now gleefully charge me £25 per transaction for their error. [...]

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