Pre-Trip Planning

The farewell party, of all farewell parties!

June 26, 2007

This time next week I’ll be exploring the principal stop along the Trail of Ants, no doubt shaking from a combination of excess alcohol and dearth of nutrition. Moscow, here I come. My backpack will be bulging with useless items that I will of convinced myself I’ll need and I’ll of fallen hopelessly in love […]

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I’m literally, a World Nomad.

June 19, 2007

Travelling may afford one the opportunity to run around scantily clad without a care in the world, but hidden away in all of our tatty old backpacks should be a piece of paper worth it’s weight in kobe beef. The Insurance Policy, we simply love to hate them. I say there “should be” one hidden […]

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Hey Magpie, fancy a Kingfisher?

June 14, 2007

Just a couple of quick quickies, really quickly this morning. First off (drum roll please) I am getting incredibly close to announcing my plans for insurance (cue solo guitar) while on The Trail, including cover for my Canon EOS 400D (premium brand name dropping and a big brass finish). Hopefully in the next day or […]

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An unforgettable climax?

June 10, 2007

“Are you excited, Ant?” is a question I’m repeatedly asked, as I quash the three-weeks-to-go anniversary. The simple, and honest answer is “no”. All through my life I have never been excited prior to holidays, or even extended peregrinations. (Take a moment to absorb the word “peregrination” as if you’re like me, you’ll find it […]

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On second thoughts…

May 28, 2007

Looking toward the overtly metaphoric horizon, laden with goals and ambitions, the blazing reality of this trip is slowly setting, casting a gaudy edge to my imagination. Suddenly the mundane ripples I have sent through my life thus far are bounding back towards me in the shape of intensely colourful tsunamis. The same pint, in […]

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Can’t wait to say goodbye…

May 24, 2007

Somewhere in the depths of this site I’ve stated that “the only cost to really consider, is time”. Well, even though I lost my job in mid-April and I don’t start The Trail till June 30th (ignore the sidebar), I’m starting to realise just how precious time really is. It’s like my whole life is […]

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It’s, Энтони Стоун to you

May 10, 2007

I woke up this morning with the scantily clad Vicky, of STA Travel fame softly reading to me from the Lonely Planet guide to Mongolia. Tales of riding horse back through the Gobi desert before walking hand in hand into a warm ger (Mongolian felt lined tent), all to ourselves. She descried how she would […]

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