The Reprint: ‘Moving Times’

by Ant Stone on April 2, 2009

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Imagine you watched a big American city elope for a walk. It uprooted its underpins, stretched out its girders, slipped its streets into its subways and polished its double-glazed glasses. It packed its parks into its malls and just wandered off into its own horizon. “Bye, Big City. See you again sometime.”

Then one day you took the rickshaw run to an Indian airport, crammed your legs into a right angle and prayed the pilot knew an easier way out. Before long, you land on your old familiar friend. Big City. He’s migrated to Asia to find himself. He now calls himself Singapore and hangs out with new cool friends like Kuala, Kong and Shanghai.

Moving Times

I’m on the fence with Singapore. I shouldn’t say that. The police might pull me down and beat me in a media cover-up. I hasten to add I saw, nor heard anything more grizzly than the nationwide ban on chewing gum. I hasten to add that’s a good decision in my eyes.

As the Reprint is of some escalators I’ll leave you with a harrowing memory. That of a little boy’s shriek being drowned out by his mothers. His foot had done what I thought until then was an urban myth, it had been drawn into the slim gap between the step and the bannister and would have been mangled on the comb if it hadn’t been for the quick actions of a random step-brother. Get it. Step -brother. I hasten to add despite the poor ending that was a true story.

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