Northerly Wind

April 4, 2009

I’d swept Tasmania like a runaway wind. Enthused by the ocean I swooped through forests, rose up and over valleys and flirted with falls. I was spellbound by beaches, wonderstruck by wildlife and hammered by history. I’d smelled fish’n’chips, forest dew and Devil poo. I’d eaten oysters so fresh they almost asked my name, and […]

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Toast the Coast

March 31, 2009

Two weeks on the go-go-go usually finds me sighing no-no-no! and circling within the tranquil charm of Tasmania I don’t feel any different. I turned to Reb at yet another suggest-you-see coastal panorama and confessed “babe, I’m knackered”. Regardless of it being Wednesday, I declared it an unofficial weekend and by late afternoon we were […]

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Colonial Devils

March 28, 2009

If ‘history has a habit of repeating itself’ then in some parallel universe the Tasmanian should beware, for on the horizon is a ship full of ‘black fellas’ patriotically bound to drive them from their land. They’ll round up who they can, then sweep a human chain across the island. Some will be shot on […]

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Westside Story

March 24, 2009

West side. Say it with me brother, west side, ayeee. Respekt. Yo yo homeboy, where s’your crib boy? In da hood on da west side homie… fo’ sure. For aeons and onwards there have been East vs. West sparring matches, and here on Australia’s island state, Tasmania it seems to be contested in a bloodless […]

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Island Secrets

March 9, 2009

Listen up, friend. There’s an island whose freedom was stolen and hidden in caches along its bays. A place where animals line the roads in a final salute to Man. On the island, tribes gather around its rivers and mountains gather around its tribes. There are secrets that are whispered only in the valleys and […]

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