Central West Coast

Principality of Hutt River: A Lesson in Principles

December 2, 2009

All rise for the national anthem of the Principality of Hutt River It’s a hard land but it’s our land. Built with love and dedication. Self-assurance is our small nation. One man’s dream of independence. God bless the Prince of The Hutt River Province. God bless the man whose dream has come true. God bless […]

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The Locals of Shark Bay

November 20, 2009

A globule of pink ice cream evaded his podgy chin, while his right hand gripped the accelerator of Coffee Pot, a small racing-green steam train. He thrust the engine, ‘Full steam ahead!’ Elderly passengers were choked with fear, as the chubby five year old hurled them along the 1-mile jetty. The rearmost passengers were sprayed […]

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Journey Along Ningaloo Reef

November 13, 2009

There’s something alluring about a place, when you can retell a journey and become excited merely by its name. Many of you know I’m currently hiding under the wing of a Kiwi. However, not so long ago I was on a hunk of the neighbouring island continent, Australia, where I drew a route along the […]

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