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by Ant Stone on June 13, 2007

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Earlier today I threw a pen between my hands, trying in vain to break the curse of writers block. It was as I recovered the pen from the dreary carpet for the umpteenth time, that I was struck with the idea of the new Post-It note designs that now proudly adorn the header of my little pragmatic site. I figured it was about time I banished the somewhat egotistical ‘Polaroid’ design to the cyber dustbin. It had been bugging me for a while, so with less than 3 weeks to go until I am officially Photoshopless, I decided today was the day.

If I were a poncy art critic, I’d tell you that “the juxtaposition of the notes and familiar components within the artists environment, create a powerful sense of understanding for the viewer. By substituting the human element with handwritten notes, he triggers a release clause in our psyche that informs us that the artist, is no longer in such familiar territory. Now, can I top that glass up with more ghastly champagne darling? Where did you get that blouse?”.

If I were myself, I’d tell you that “by sticking a few Post-It notes on my shed door and flip-flops, I found a smart way round having to spend hours in Photoshop”. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks, I kept the 3 Post-It note characters, so they might wind up in other “juxtapositions” for our amusement.

In Trail news today, I’m awaiting an email from World Nomads to ascertain whether they would like to be affiliated in some way with the modest potential of myself, and Basically, I’m looking for a discounted premium as I’m feeling rather poor this week and all I have to offer them is kind words and maybe a section on the site.

Please sir, can I have some cheap backpacker insurance?

Also on the agenda is the need to book a hostel in Moscow, and get some $US while they’re cheap. Oh, and email Idre (the kind Mongolian guest house lady) with my ticket info so she knows when to pick me up. I’m hearing lots of reports that all travel into Mongolia for the week of the Naadam (11th-13th July) is proving highly tricky. They do warn you well in advance of the perils of leaving it late, but it seems some people are still going to be let down. If you’re one of them, take solace in the fact that I’ll be giving you a full report on here and boy, am I going to rub it in!

The curse of the writers block seems to be cured, I rambled on for a good 5 minutes there. Did I tell you about the time I skateboarded behind a moving car? I did over 30mph before I got the speed wobble and bounced along the road. My Mum must be so proud. So, what do you think to the new Post-It note headers? Constructive criticism and praise welcome equally. Well, praise more so if I’m totally honest.

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Dan June 13, 2007 at 4:43 am

I like it, I like your writing, you could make a cool font out of it and I like the earth pic even if it hardly resembles it :p. I take it you did the “Me, Earth” pic too? Nice.


Ant June 16, 2007 at 12:38 am

Cheers Dan, I’m pretty happy with it now. The “Me, Earth” pic was actually the result of a google image search in the very early days of the site. More of a test, really? I’ve actually removed it from most of the pages now, you reminded me of it! It’s amazing what you don’t see right under your nose sometimes huh! Full credit to the cartoonist, but alas, it was not me…


Trev July 5, 2007 at 6:06 pm

Very impressed anthony very insightful and good to know ur enjoyin urself, as a hint as a supposed far east expert must advise u visit the patpong nightmarket in Bangkok when u reach there. Im meant to advise people to visit this place at their own discretion but i know u anths and u ll find it an eye opener. If u somehow venture down to Pattaya i ll just say look but dont touch cos u might get a big suprise all the best with your travels mate and stay safe!


Iseckers September 13, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Hello Nina.It is raelly a nice trip.Mongolia is raelly superb, and your video makes me want to leave.It’s cool to see pictures elsewhere, this is dreaming.J’espe8re que mon Anglais n’est pas trop mauvais.Have a nice tripEddy BRAUMANN recently posted..


Ordinary February 18, 2015 at 3:16 am

Hi Eddy!T’inquie8te ton anglais est paairft (en tout cas e0 l’e9crit on entend pas l’accent!)Thanks for your really helfull posts on !!It will definitely help me for my own videos! I’ll get better, I swear!!Talk soon!


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