On second thoughts…

by Ant Stone on May 28, 2007

in Pre-Trip Planning

Looking toward the overtly metaphoric horizon, laden with goals and ambitions, the blazing reality of this trip is slowly setting, casting a gaudy edge to my imagination.

Suddenly the mundane ripples I have sent through my life thus far are bounding back towards me in the shape of intensely colourful tsunamis.

The same pint, in the same pub, in the same city with the same people isn’t quite as bad as I maybe professed. In contrast, the random gloop, in a random tavern, in a random city with some random people seems somewhat more neutral.

This, is the phenomenon known as “second thoughts” and I’m glad they’ve finally kicked in, it shows I have some common sense tucked neatly into the side pockets of my personality. I couldn’t possible quantify the whole array of feelings that you go through with this affliction. Suffice to say, there is no remedy but the symptoms usually dictate that; you fall in love easier, local food tastes great, the sun always shines, job prospects look up, you make more friends, you find new hobbies, people compliment you more, you gain more confidence, you gather more ambition.

It’s by no means a blanket feeling, there are moments when I come up for air and gasp in the reality of my impending lifestyle. I, my friends, am about to travel around the world. I’ll see and experience things that will shape the way I think and act, this will have a subconscious influence on my future spouse, and in turn our children will be instilled with tales of a nomadic father with a lust for opening imaginations. The children will brag to their friends, who will carry the attitude into their homes and in turn I will of caused the butterfly (flying ant) effect, fluttering gracefully throughout the world. So if I am to change the world, then this peculiarity of “second thoughts” is merely Lady Destiny’s way of telling me to consider my actions carefully.

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