I’m literally, a World Nomad.

by Ant Stone on June 19, 2007

in Insurance,Pre-Trip Planning

Travelling may afford one the opportunity to run around scantily clad without a care in the world, but hidden away in all of our tatty old backpacks should be a piece of paper worth it’s weight in kobe beef. The Insurance Policy, we simply love to hate them. I say there “should be” one hidden away, as I know there are people who choose to shun the phenomenon with hippyesque (new world alert) regard. My advice; do so at your peril.

I can’t say I enjoyed the whole experience, at times I wanted to eat the computer mouse and rub my head neurotically against the monitor. In fact I’m doing it right now… mmmm, monitor. The fact of the matter is, insurance was a necessary evil and I wasn’t going to let it get me down. You may have noticed the shameless plug adorning the sidebar, which kind of gives away my choice of insurers, so you can lay down your drums as the roll is now ruined.

Just in case you haven’t eagerly scurried off with your cursor in search off the aforementioned addition to the sidebar, I opted for World Nomads. I did so because their attitude was first class, naturally I had a few questions- particularly surrounding cover for my D-SLR and flexibility of schedule- and they proactively helped me with a solution, without making me feel like I needed to scream to (voluntary) excess. Their policy rarely lost out to their competitors and the price was reasonable enough to put them on an even keel.

What’s more, they also recognised that beautiful people read this site, and that beautiful people deserve to get things at knocked down prices. With this in mind, they duly kicked the back of my legs to force me onto my knees in order to declare me “Sir Ant, Affiliate of World Nomads”. I’d like to thank my parents for believing in me, my Great Aunt Nora for her kind words (RIP) and finally my goldfish, Joe for forgetting to live. You can celebrate the wonderful fellowship of TrailofAnts.com and World Nomads anytime you need to purchase their travel insurance by punching in the promotion code TRLANT to duly collecting the 5% discount this awards you. I know, I know… I’m too good to you, but you’re loyal so I think you deserve a treat.

I’ve also written some lighthearted schpeel on the subject here, for any late comers that maybe missed this post (oh how they missed out!). That’s about all on the subject for now, just to say “mmmm, monitor“.

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