Bankers. Alien to me

by Ant Stone on April 30, 2007

in Pre-Trip Planning,Visas

It’s starting to sink in now, I’m actually going travelling. Firstly, I’ve seen the credit card statement containing the £325 payment for the Trans-Siberian railway. Secondly, I’ve seen the state my current accounts overdraft is in after HSBC failed to cancel umpteen direct debits and now gleefully charge me £25 per transaction for their error. So angry about that, you wouldn’t quite recognise me. Still, guess that’s what 16 years loyal banking gets you. Grrr.

Right, rant over – back to travelling. Not a lot to report, I’ve attempted to book some accommodation in Ulaanbaatar with the imaginatively named ‘UB Guesthouse’. I looked at a few, but my instincts insisted upon these. I’ve dropped them an email in broken English and await their reply.

Yesterday I tried to get my head around the minefield of visas. Just understanding their T&C’s is bad enough, and I’ve only really looked at Russia, Mongolia and China! For instance, Mongolia takes cheques whereas the other two take postal orders. You can do a postal application for Russia and Mongolia, but I have to personally go to the Chinese Embassy in London. Still, all this was disregarded as I read through the Mongolian embassies Visa info to be told

Single entry and exit visa is issued to the aliens, who stay in Mongolia up to 30 days.

If you thought the image of green space invaders challenging Genghis Khan’s burly descendants was funny enough, then consider my alarm when they continued

Single transit visa is issued to the aliens, transiting Mongolia by train once within 3 months from the date of its issuance.

Have I really just signed up to travel by train with Mork and Mindy? I hope so! So the plan of action now, is to cancel all banking with my curiously global “Local Bank” and apply for the Russian visa (trickiest first). Alas, this means arrivederci to my passport for a few weeks, leaving my hair-brained sub-plot to escape the relative boredom of unemployment to Greece shattered.

Aliens in Mongolia huh, what ever next… find out, as you meander suspiciously with me down The Trail in the coming years.

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simon p April 30, 2007 at 6:00 pm

My first comment has to be ‘well done’. How an illiterate paper monkey can build a website as intuitive as this is beyond me. I’m sure it will break soon and all will be well in the world again.
So, July 1st is the date then. Couldn’t make it June 1st could you?


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