All hail the King…

by Ant Stone on April 24, 2007

in Pre-Trip Planning

“Strrrrrrrike one!”. I’ve made my first significant step on The Trail. I’ve booked the Trans-Mongolian train route from Moscow to Beijing via Ulaanbaatar. Some people may confuse this with the Trans-Siberian when in fact the Trans-Siberian is made of 3 routes – Moscow-Mongolia-Beijing (the Trans-Mongolian), Moscow-Manchuria-Beijing (the Trans-Manchurian) and Moscow-Vladivostok (the Trans-Siberian).

I’ll be fleeing Red Square on the 3rd July and hot stepping it alongside the train until I reach Ulaanbaatar to hug the nearest Mongolian on the 8th. By which time i fully expect to be oozing vodka out of every orifice and will engage the best-known-hangover-remedy-not-known-to-man; a week in the Gobi desert and, the one and only Naadam Festival.

I’ll be trying to find a way of actually taking part in the games by representing England in the wrestling tournament. If i win, i could become a local celebrity or i could become the King of Mongolia! Don’t ask me how, just get on your knees and obey me! Alas, I’ll be leaving UB 2 days after the games closing ceremony (15th July) and heading to Beijing to assert my new found royalty on the Chinese. From Beijing… well, that’s another story.

Long live the King!

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