Adieu, Passport. Adieu

by Ant Stone on May 1, 2007

in Pre-Trip Planning,Visas

Alas, UB Guesthouse was fully booked. Glad i checked now, one can only presume it was booked up by the aliens who would naturally be fans of the Naadam. But fear not fans of The Trail, I haven’t been forced into submission yet! I have secured a weeks accommodation at Idre’s Guesthouse and she’s kindly emailed me to say she’ll pick me up from the station on the 8th, bless her little cotton socks. I like her already. The fact that the dorm bed is less than US$5 a night (most travel speech is in US$) is also quite pleasing.

One ‘worry’ I have, is that I haven’t allowed enough time in Mongolia, so I’ve inquired with my new friend as to the possibility of changing the train ticket once I’m there. She’ll do her best, I’m sure. The other milestone for today was the action of sending my passport off in the post to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the big smoke. I hate not having it and don’t take much solace in the fact that the Russian’s have it. Still, along with £45 in postal orders and a wad of paperwork, it will hopefully persuade them to grant me a tourist visa and I can sleep easy at night. Russia is another place I’m skipping through far too quickly, but the plan is to revisit the Middle East another time, on a more bespoke trip. I’m leaving at the wrong time of year in order to achieve that region, as well as China.

Thanks for all the fantastic feedback I had after sending the link out, it’s quite humbling really. I sit here in a dark corner churning words out without a care in the world but when it comes to unveiling them to friends and family alike, it was a surprisingly nerve racking experience.

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