About Ant


Scrape an Englishman off the fens, add a blunt pencil and a travel plug and what have you got? Me, myself and I: Ant Stone.

TrailofAnts.com is the showcase for some of my most brilliant journeys throughout our world, and I’m proud to bring you many of the appropriate tips and advice, which have kept me and this travel blog upright during my time on the road.

Now, if you’re not au fait with blogging, it’s somewhat of a tradition to squeeze profound quotes liberally around the site (some might argue it’s the only difference between a travel blog, and a travel website). Here’s one that I value:

Who possesses this landscape? The man who bought it, or I who am possessed by it?
A Man in Assynt, Norman MacCaig

Or for something more direct, and possible reason to travel:

In my mind I see a group of chickens in a cage disputing over a few seeds of grain, unaware that in a few hours they will all be killed.
Thich Nhat Hanh, The World We Have.

While this travel blog is somewhat centred around me (my opinions, my journeys, my emotions), the real reason it exists, is you [hold back the tears], which is why I encourage you to comment either publicly via the comments, or privately via the handy form in the sidebar, or for the traditionalists among you, hit the contact page.

Feel you’d like to see more written about me here? Just say the word.