10 of the Most Misused Words on Travel Blogs

by Ant Stone on October 29, 2010

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Today’s post takes the form of a traditional slideshow, and covers a niggle I’ve had for a while. In the race for readers, hyperbole seems to be in vogue among travel bloggers. While I’m indubitably guilty of random chunks of exaggeration, I am very wary of its presence in my own writing.

I was taught very early on, that my travel experiences are incredible enough to most people, without staining my writing with outlandish statements. These days, I write beneath a spotlight of realism that keeps me in check.

If you find yourself compensating with overstatement, it’s time to take a step back and take a look at your writing in a literal sense, where magic is reduced to the realms and brilliant is brighter than white.

Once you’ve stripped it back, I believe you’ll create room for it to regrow in a less scattered, and sarcastic style.

Blog Writing Tips & Advice

Take a look through my Slideshare, and let me know your thoughts on the featured content.

How was it for you?

It’s (yet) another new feature for TrailofAnts.com, and while I’d love to tell you it will become a regular one, the truth is it will just pop-up every now and then.

As a writer, did you find it useful? Or perhaps you’re a reader, and happy I raised the point? Either way, this travel blog is open to feedback in many forms, not least via the comment thread just below this post so please consider sharing your thoughts.

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